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ID 829284

Wesley Hann

Worked on Samsung Projects, Developed sites for some of the largest companies in South Africa

ID 305172

Jack Shimosa

Internet Engineer. Studied BSc Hons in Business IT at UoG. Worked at SA's leading banks FNB and Nedbank.

ID 667598

Jonathan kabuya

I’m highly creative Web Designer & Developer. I have worked with various business sectors therefore I understand the similarities and differences of businesses.

ID 715414

Samukele Belle

Designer & Illustrator but don't call me a 'Creative', I hate the term.

ID 848605

Osei-Appiah William

ID 502744

Asim Janjua

Advisor @markhor

ID 516817

Shawn Lukas

Creator of Garden Avenue | Co-founder boxworM

ID 69566

Twaambo Haamucenje

Founder of @rolodecks.

ID 33573

Graham Holtshausen

Founder, Co-Owner & Creative lead of Freedom Studios, Senior Web Designer at Wits University,

ID 130334

Yossi Mlynsky


Founder @alt-tab-mobile • Helping Startups Build Awesome Mobile Products. Growing fast and looking for Advisors & Biz Dev. Worked @macquarie-bank @ninemsn

ID 445209

Doug Hoseck

Internet alchemist

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