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ID 33573

Graham Holtshausen

Founder, Co-Owner & Creative lead of Freedom Studios, Senior Web Designer at Wits University,

ID 2519

Mohamed Nanabhay


Head of Online at @al-jazeera-english. Started Al Jazeera New Media group. Founded largest consumer internet site in Qatar. Also, studied at Cambridge and WITS.

ID 406495

Houston Muzamhindo

Founder @iqmates

ID 329281

Clinton D. Mutambo

Founder OEM startup in high school, Marketing Agency after school, Youngest member in national branding taskforce, marketing for FMCG clients.

ID 270972

Bree Johnson

I'm a great communicator, a strong writer, I love working with people, and most importantly- I HUSTLE!

ID 208542

Erik Saether

Chartered accountant. Financial manager for 9 years. Now business owner of AeroSpace Research and Strategic Accounting. Enjoy scuba & rocketry. International Space University alumni.

ID 94094

James Felton Keith

Founder @quigit, Mayor Apointee @CityOfDetroit, 15yr Tech Veteran. Fmr Faculty @MSU, Published Author.

ID 305146

Jordan Wainer


Commercial Real Estate professional. Entrepreneur and investor at heart, founder of Diamond Head Properties and always interested in innovative opportunities

ID 40054

Charles Lorenceau


Partner @ace-company-1 Co-Founder @botan Co-Founder @youfoot. Co-Founder @inca Energy MBA @insead-1 , BA @babson-college College.

ID 130334

Yossi Mlynsky


Founder @alt-tab-mobile • Helping Startups Build Awesome Mobile Products. Growing fast and looking for Advisors & Biz Dev. Worked @macquarie-bank @ninemsn

ID 502744

Asim Janjua

Advisor @markhor

ID 380495

Jonathan Hurwitz


Jonick Investments cc venture fund.

ID 194922

Nikolay Piriankov

Co-founder of Rare Pink and UniPreneur • Studied at @university-of-manchester

ID 512170

Qn. Everlena Brown

Media Mogul behind #QEBLLC @QEBVLogTV #PublishingQEB #QEBStudios & #QEBFoundation. NEWS TIPS #4045329232

ID 523098

Thabang Mashiloane


Founder @geomall, @crowdtwitch • Worked at @avatar • Investor @geomall • Studied at @london-business-school, @heriot-watt-university

ID 86914

Raymond Buckle

CEO SilverstoneCIS & Chairman MMA South Africa at Mobile Marketing Association. MMA Global Award winning mobile marketing and communications platform.

ID 385532

Michael Rockett

Founder @foundry-business-solutions, a creative South African business solutions firm. Graduated at Jeppe Boys in 2009.

ID 26207

Pierre Van Den Berg

MSc CompSci (RAU, ZA). Strong Enterprise Systems Integration / High Volume Transaction Processing experience.

ID 24713

Jacques Struwig


Founder Neutral Gravity

ID 359902

Avile Maja

Business student (triple major in Politics Philosophy & Economics) at University Of The Witwatersrand; Founder of Ciel; Strong business mind

ID 475822

Mike Sharman

Co-founder of Webfluential: a platform that establishes relationships between consumers and brands through influencers; co-founder of Retroviral content/seeding

ID 385413

Maxine Rockett

Founder at Mimaxa and Maximised Methods • Worked at @ibm, @investec-bank • Entrepreneur

ID 86966

Iain McConnon

Co Founder @boxpay in 2011 Global mobile payments, Co Founder @global-billing-solutions in 2002, Co Founder @moviestar-ie, (DVD by mail) sold in 2009.

ID 5656

Adam Lewis


I founded IntroBridge in 2009, and sold it in 2011. I was an investor in and CEO of Pythio

ID 148646

Graeme Pyle

Founded Cramers Coffee (sold), Adaptix, GIBS MBA, @university-of-pretoria CS

ID 163801

Billy Spamer

Entrepreneur. Tech enthusiast. Music lover

ID 406425

Keke Lebaka

Family First! Husband, Father, Social Media Strategist & Entrepreneur. @SocialAudit @ZASocialMedia @BorrowedAxe

ID 77550

Val Ezeani

Entrprenuer, Co-founder

ID 67888

Richard Weeden

Architect & CEO of @mydorpie. Background in retail advertising. Run successful businesses in tech, hospitality & travel. Lived in London, San Francisco & Sydney.

ID 160816

Olefile Matlala

ID 305172

Jack Shimosa

Internet Engineer. Studied BSc Hons in Business IT at UoG. Worked at SA's leading banks FNB and Nedbank.

ID 151480

Zephaniah Chiyangwa

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