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CEO and Fouder of CapoDeoopTainment.I am a DeepHouse,Commercial House,Hip Hop and most loved Elektro Music DJ.I make people dance and chill with the best music produced all over the world.

ID 682142

Christopher Wilson-Byrne

Harvard MBA with a background in science; experienced in sales, strategy and program management; I'm an executor looking for a visionary

ID 592536

Andreas Ernst

Worked at @holcim, @swissport • Studied at @zurich-university-of-applied-sciences-zhaw

ID 590624

Mystro Ttz

CEO of dainty, a fashion brand that i'm starting up!

ID 804733

Nazmeera Hoosain

Former life: attorney at a top level commercial law firm. Current life: an A student at all educational levels with a passion for English and being of service.

ID 15073

Florian Aigrain

President at FPXA Holdings AG, a relationship finance firm. Florian started his career at Goldman Sachs. He has worked in the US, Europe, and South Africa.

ID 208542

Erik Saether

Chartered accountant. Financial manager for 9 years. Now business owner of AeroSpace Research and Strategic Accounting. Enjoy scuba & rocketry. International Space University alumni.

ID 758725

Brendon Myers

Entrepreneur looking for a broad role, in which, to help drive growth within a business.

ID 861184

Shingai Mhendurwa

Your Financial Partner Throughout 

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