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ID 848711

Patrick Sloan

Young but experienced, looking for a new challenge and open to new ventures and ideas. 

ID 634607

Norman Ives

ID 530248

Greg Jarrett

CEO Bitcoin Superfund, serial entrepreneur, lean startup and agile fan. Digital, mobile, technology and product expert. Bitcoin Believer.

ID 848605

Osei-Appiah William

ID 804733

Nazmeera Hoosain

Former life: attorney at a top level commercial law firm. Current life: an A student at all educational levels with a passion for English and being of service.

ID 682142

Christopher Wilson-Byrne

Harvard MBA with a background in science; experienced in sales, strategy and program management; I'm an executor looking for a visionary

ID 758725

Brendon Myers

Entrepreneur looking for a broad role, in which, to help drive growth within a business.

ID 645821

Brendon Neuhaus

ID 270972

Bree Johnson

I'm a great communicator, a strong writer, I love working with people, and most importantly- I HUSTLE!

ID 94094

James Felton Keith

Founder @quigit, Mayor Apointee @CityOfDetroit, 15yr Tech Veteran. Fmr Faculty @MSU, Published Author.

ID 600266

Mariza Osorio

Organiser. Troubleshooter. LLB Law Student. Entrepreneur. Passionate about people. Passionate about Life. Sometimes called a Geek. Managing Director of Osorio & Partners.

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